How can a Pawn Shop help you with an engagement ring!

Many people want to get married and are looking for their engagement ring; we share why you’ll get the most value for a precious stone here vs any other retail shop.

We’re going to talk about the differences and why buying at a pawn shop results better than a jewelry store.

Interviewer: Felipe Castañeda
CashCo Manager: Willy Gonzalez

1st difference: What is the difference between a pawn shop and a jewelry store?
The value of jewelry is the same at both shops and stores; yet the price you can get for shopping at a pawn shop is much much lower than retail rates. Let us tell you why… The items are pre-owned at a pawn shop; and at our shop we pride ourselves in cleaning the item thoroughly, shine it properly and have our in-house jeweler repair the pieces and like magic… it looks it was brand new. Nothing regarding quality, the only difference is in the price for the same item.

Certification: How am I going to trust that a pawn shop has an original authentic jewel?
We have a full-time Gemologist working with us on our team. All of the jewelry we sell are certified, in addition, if you want to bring in jewelry we would be happy to certify it for you. Certifications and appraisals are used for insurance purposes as well and you may have our Gemologist appraise your valuables.

Modifications: If the jewelry is old and rusty, what type of modifications do you have?
We recondition the item, if you have a ring from your great grandmother, a beautiful diamond but the gold or silver is worn out. we can recondition the same one, or even make you a new more modern setting, utilizing the same stone and mount it on a new setting. We also have many books with different designs that you can choose and in the end we will be glad to certify it as well.

Offers: What offers are going on right now?
In the entire store, we are having all Jewelry 50% off, and even a section of 75% 65% off.

Author: Dianelle W.

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