Tips & Tricks: Pawning Edition

How to sell your goods at a pawn shop?

Choose a pawn shop with great customer service, great loan deals, and the best reputation. *wink wink* CashCo Pawn has all three and has been named Best Pawn Shop in San Diego by multiple credible sources in San Diego. Do your research! Make sure you know or ask the pawnshop of your choice which items they take in their shop. Some pawn shops specialize in certain items more than others. You really want to know this before your visit so you don’t run into disappointment.


For example, let’s say you’re looking to pawn or sell a guitar, look for a pawnshop that has experience buying and selling instruments. Our pawn shop has experience taking various items including jewelry , luxury items like handbags, shoes, clothing, watches, sunglasses, watches, instruments, electronics and tools. We have a wide range of experience buying and selling in all those categories.

Understanding if you want to pawn or sell

How do you know if you want to sell or pawn?


If you’re looking for extra cash and have an item laying around that is just taking space or you no longer need, selling will be the best option for you. As opposed to pawning, pawning your item means you can get back your item as long as you redeem your loan in full. Your decision on pawning or selling is based on your ability to repay and the value you place on your item.
We currently have a promotion of 0% interest loan for 30 days. This means you don’t pay interest as long as you pay your collateral loan
in time.

How to negotiate at a pawnshop?

The awesome part about pawnshops is negotiating. One of the first questions you’ll get from a
pawnbroker is, “How much are you looking for to get from this item?” Although this doesn’t mean you’ll get the exact amount, a pawnbroker will evaluate the item and make sure to give you an offer worth your time.

How can you get your items back?

Make sure to pay back the loan on time as agreed. The only way to lose your item is if you don’t pay your fees. We want you to keep your item!
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