How to Find the Best Pawn Shop in San Diego

A great pawn shop can make all of the difference when you need fast cash

There are many pawn shops in San Diego. However, finding the best pawn shop may be the most important step you take towards getting top dollar for your items. A great pawn shop can make the difference between a stressful experience and a pleasant transaction.

Here´s what to look for in a pawn shop:

  1. Online Reviews. Online reviews such as the ones offered by Yelp will help you find out what real customers say about the pawn shop. Also, look at the comments and customer´s reviews on the pawn shop´s Facebook page.
  2. Local Vote. If you live in San Diego and need quick cash, you´ll need to look at the opinions stated by local organizations and publications. Can check the A-List City Voter. We are grateful to have been voted the No. 1 Pawnshop in San Diego in 2016, as has happened in previous years.
  3. License and BBB Rating. How long has the pawn shop been in business? Do they have a license to operate? A good indicator is always the Better Business Bureau´s rating.


Jan 16, 2017

  1. Clear Terms and Conditions. Any paperwork you sign should clearly state the terms and conditions of the loan. The pawnshop´s website should also do so. Terms and conditions include:
  • Interest rates
  • Loan terms
  • Grace periods (if any)

The pawn agent should explain every step of the process to your satisfaction -even the small print.

  1. Good vibes. You may or may not believe in “vibes,” but you can tell a lot about a place just from walking into it. The way you are greeted by the employees, their demeanor, everything speaks volumes about the quality of the service and general experience offered to the client.
  2. Rewards loyalty.  A pawn shop that is invested in building a good relationship with their clients will reward their loyalty. At CashCo Pawn shops in San Diego, for example, you will get a reward card and a point with each pawn or purchase made. Repeat customers get additional points, and those points quickly translate into rewards.
  3. Website and social media presence. Any reputable pawnshop today should at least have a website where the customer can learn more about them. Though social media presence is not a must, it is a good sign that a pawn shop is active on Facebook and that its customers are willing to engage in conversations with them.
  4. Look for MUCH more money. Some pawnshops may say “we give more money” than others. Your goal should be to find the one that gives MUCH more money. Here are the two key issues to find the highest paying pawnshop:

a.) How much money will the pawn shop pay up front?
b.) The pawn shop´s interest rates.

Keep in mind that the interest rate can vary depending on the amount borrowed, and time it takes to pay back your loan, but is should usually be lower than bank overdraft fees and late credit card fees. The better pawn shops strive to keep interest rates low and competitive.

  1. Support. How does the pawn shop help you get your item back? Do they send you any reminders? Can they offer any guidelines to recover your pawned items? Is the pawn shop open on Sunday? Are there any pawn shops near you?

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at CashCo, and you´ll see why we are the most trusted pawn shop in San Diego.

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