How to Get the Most Money Out of Your Pawn Shop When Pawning Electronics

Getting ready to get more money

Knowing that I work at a pawn shop, people often ask me what to do to get the most money for their things. Here’s are some insider tips…

What to Bring

“Why didn´t I come here before?”, Asked my friend Matt the other day, as he was walking away from CashCo’s pawn counter with a handful of bills. The answer is, he always thought he had “nothing to pawn.”

It wasn’t until I visited him at home and pointed to an old guitar and an Xbox he was using as a paperweight, that he realized he had money lying around the house.

“All this time I´ve been worried sick about getting my rent on time… and wish I´d known I could use that stuff to get quick cash…” he said.

There are MANY items you probably don´t know you can pawn. In this post, I´m going to concentrate on ELECTRONICS, and how to get MORE money when pawning them.

The first trick you need to know:

It’s not just about the value of the item, but about perceived value


There are things you can do to move the dial in the right direction to get paid more money.

Here they are:

Clean the item. Cleanliness is the first sign that the item is well cared for. This simple tip can bump the price of the item a little.

Make sure that it works. Electronics that are not in working condition hold any significant value for a pawn shop. A broken screen will affect the value of the item more than slight scratches.

Be ready to show off. It’s always better if you can demonstrate the cool features of your computer or tablet yourself.

Charge the batteries before bringing the item in. This will facilitate the inspection of the item.

Make sure it’s complete. This is a good tip to remember the next time you buy any valuable item (not just electronics). Save the original package, the instruction manuals, cables, warranties, remotes and any other accessories that came with it.

If you use our Get an Online Quote Tool… Have a picture of the item handy, and know the model and serial number.

Watch the pawn shop’s web page and Facebook page. CashCo Pawn shop routinely posts notices of items that are in high demand, such as Rolex watches, iPads, and Mac computers. You may get more money for those brands, or even some incentives.

Be aware of the market price. Check out eBay and Craiglist, to see what items in similar condition go for. Newer generation gadgets will be able to fetch more money than older models.

Other tips:

Think like the pawn shop employee. Remember that if you fail to pick up the item after the loan period expires, it will be seized by the pawn shop. The pawn shop will then put it up for sale. If you were the pawn shop agent, you would rather be selling an item that shows well and works well. You don’t want to be cleaning it or fixing it. The fewer repairs they need to do, the better.

Know the rules:

  • In California, you must be at least 18 years old to pawn.
  • At CashCo Pawn Shops, we currently don’t require a Social Security Number to pawn. An official ID or passport from any country, a driver’s license or a military ID are required. You will need an ID to pawn.

Electronics you can pawn:


Cell Phones





Computer Monitors

Printers & Scanners




Tablets Desktops

Video Game Consoles


DVD & Blu-Ray Players

Handheld Gaming





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