How to have a Champagne Mother´s Day – on a Beer Budget

I´m the kind of mom who has a Champagne taste – and a paycheck-to-paycheck reality.

So I don´t want my kiddos to “surprise” me this Mother’s Day with overpriced gifts I´ll end up paying for myself. There are soooo many free activities in San Diego – ways of having fun without spending much money. And places to find mommy a VERY nice gift without breaking the bank.

It just takes a little planning -which is what I did.

Here’s my list of inexpensive things to do, eat and buy in San Diego in May. You may want to share these tips with your family:

Dance Salsa Under the Stars. On May 19 the Manny Cepeda Orchestra plays at The Headquarters in Seaport Village. This is a free event. It is also a chance to wear those killer shoes and dance the night away under the San Diego sky. See the full calendar of freebie events at the Headquarters:

Explore nature in… City Heights. Yeah, you heard right. On April 15, a new hiking trail opened to the public. It´s called City Heights Canyons Loop Trails, aka the “butterfly corridors.” The trail connects four canyons and is a 5-mile loop with park-like areas. This is an opportunity to explore nature, hike, and bike, without leaving the neighborhood. Say you don’t have a bike? CashCo Pawn Shops at City Heights has a great selection of pre-loved bikes (Hint, hint: Gift for Mom Option Number 1).

City Heights Farmer’s Market: This is a favorite family activity of ours. There’s the food vendors, entertainment, arts and crafts for the kids, fresh fruits and veggies. The trick is to remind your family that even if you are buying the ingredients, they are supposed to cook on Mother’s Day. City Heights Farmers Market opens on Saturdays. Check them out.

Bling, bling, time for my gift!!!!! Yes, I want, I deserve, I need a present. But I don’t want the kids to spend their hard-earned babysitting money at the mall. The solution? CashCo Pawn Shops. This City Heights staple, best known for its pawn loan services, also sells jewelry at 50% less than a regular jewelry store. They have fine watches, fashion watches, rings, pendants, necklaces and more. CashCo Pawn Shops has stores in Escondido and Encanto as well.

Pre-loved luxury items and gadgets. Nothing wrong with pre-loved things (or people, for that matter 😳) If bling is not your thing, there’s also handbags, gadgets, professional cameras, iPads, cell phones and laptops at CashCo. Recently, I spotted an original Prada bag in great condition for half the retail price. Here’s money-making tip: If you’ve got any of those items laying around the house, consider pawning or selling them at CashCo. They pay top-dollar. Click here to get a quick quote.

Have a cup of coffee. Go to City Heights Coffee House. This amazing place specializes in good drinks + good deeds. They operate as a non-profit. Their mission is to employ people in need of second opportunities and train them for the job market. Bring the family for a Java: you’ll be feeling good, and doing good. The coffee shop is tucked away in an alley and is the quaintest place. Totally “Instagramable.” City Heights Coffee House is not open on Sundays (as per the date this blog was published), and whenever it rains. Check out their Instagram for schedule changes.

Bottom line, you don’t need to spend lots of money to have an amazing Mother’s Day. In my book a day at the park, coffee and bling will do the trick!

Note: We are not responsible for the changes in schedule or time changes. Please check directly with the places we mention on this blog.
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