Resolutions That Will Improve Your Life

New Year´s resolutions are like babies. Fun to make but difficult to maintain.

Is 2017 going to be GREAT year for you? We at CashCo pawnshop in San Diego sure hope so! But for this year to be different, you´d better try resolutions that go off the beaten path.

Here are some ideas, and ways to implement them:


Yes, we mean it. Hundreds of studies link social media to depression and feelings of alienation. But there´s also evidence to the contrary: Social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram can increase wellbeing and help accomplish goals.

How to do it: Don´t just navigate -engage-.

People who interact directly with other -by publishing comments on a friend´s Facebook page and liking Instagram posts, tend to feel their “social capital” increase. It is the “silent visitors” who roam on social media without participating, that tend to feel depressed. Visit our social pages often, you´ll find lots of opportunities to engage!


Or really, any area of your life. If you have had difficulties accomplishing your goals, that´s because you have tried to take on too much at once.

How to do it. Adopt the Kaizen method. This Japanese philosophy focuses on continuous change, on a small scale. If you want to wake up at 6.00 am, instead of at 7.00 each day, start by setting the alarm 10 minutes earlier each day. If your goal is to pay off your pawn loan, start making small weekly payments at your pawnshop.


We have all heard about the benefits of reading. But somehow, TV, social media or just plain exhaustion wins the battle for our attention.

How to do it: Organize a Book Club. Do like we do at CashCo Pawn Shops. Instead of traditional meetings at a house, we set up a group phone call. The discussions happen early in the morning, before our usual wake-up time. Why not implement something like that in your workplace?

For more ideas on how to motivate yourself to read:

  1. FOCUS

Multitasking is not nearly as effective as we think. Some studies have suggested that whenever we switch from one task to the other, we lose 40% productivity. It also causes stress, frustration and anxiety.

How to do it: Monotask!

Organize your time in blocks, dedicated to just one activity. For example, visit Facebook or Instagram , first thing in the morning. Then, put down your phone take 1 hour to answer emails. Each task requires a specific state of mind, and once we reach “the zone”, productivity increases and we make fewer mistakes.


In his book “Enough Already!”, Peter Walsh explains that our homes are reflections of our lives. We can´t make progress in any other area if your houses are a mess. Opening up physical spaces has an unimaginable emotional and intellectual effect.

How to do it: Go through the closets and drawers in each room, and pick those things that you no longer want, need or love. Then classify objects into 3 groups:

  • -Things to Sell or Pawn: For the things that have monetary value, like gadgets, tools, jewelry and sports equipment.
  • Donation Pile: For things like clothes and non-perishable food items
  • Trash: We are all hoarders in some level. Please, don´t hold on to junk.

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