Can I Sell Electronics at a Pawn Shop in San Diego?

Tips to help you get top-dollar when selling electronics at a pawn shop in San Diego

What types of electronics can you sell at a pawn shop in San Diego? And how can you get top dollar for your electronics? Here, you´ll find out what pawn shops look for when buying TVs, laptops, cell phones, game consoles and other electronics:

  • Serial Number and Model. A reputable pawn shop will not take electronics which don´t have a visible serial number and model.

Tip: Don´t despair if you can´t find the numbers on your item. Simply bring it to CashCo Pawn Shops in San Diego. Our agents deal with hundreds of electronics every year, and will surely be able to find it. Sometimes, the numbers rub off with use, but there are ways to find them within some device’s systems.

  • Working condition. Pawn shops need to verify that the item is fully functional.

Tip: Some people think that it’s better to bring a laptop or cell phone back to factory settings before taking it to a pawn shop for sale. At CashCo Pawn, we recommend that you don´t reset the item before we evaluate it. This will make for a faster and easier inspection of the functions. The inspection will happen in your presence. The agent will only perform the reset once you agree to sell. You can ask the agent to perform the reset in front of you, for additional peace of mind.

  • General condition. Hopefully, your item is in great condition. Visible dents and cracks on the screen can affect the value of an item.

Tip: Wipe your electronics with a clean, dry cloth before bringing them in. A simple clean-up can make any item more appealing.

  • Generation, brand, year, model. Naturally, newer electronics, high-end brands, and recent generations should get the most money at a pawn shop. But other considerations can increase or decrease the value of your electronics.

Tip: Bring all the components, including remote controls and chargers. And the original box and manuals, if you have them. Having the “complete package” improves your chances of getting more money for your electronics.

CashCo Pawn Shops offer a safe and dependable environment for selling pre-owned electronics in San Diego. Come see us, we will evaluate your items for free, and give you more money than any other pawn shop in San Diego.

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