How to Negotiate to Get the Most Money at a Pawn Shop in San Diego

Learn to Negotiate Like a Pro at a Pawn Shop


Negotiating is part of the fun of going to a pawn shop. Here you will learn how to negotiate to get the most money at a pawn shop in San Diego.

Tip No. 1. Be upfront. Some pawn experts advise keeping information to yourself -like how much you paid for an item, or where you bought it. We at CashCo beg to differ. The “don’t say” mindset takes for granted that the other party is looking to rip you off. And that may be true elsewhere, but is not the case at a reputable pawn shop such as CashCo. If anything, the more we know about your item, the better. Consider:

  • The fact that you bought an item on sale or at a discount does not change the value of the item per se.
  • The fact that you have been the only owner of an item, or that you bought it at a retail store, could improve the perceived value of the item. So, mention it!
  • If a gadget or tool is not working properly, the pawn shop experts will notice. Being upfront about these issues shows you are a dependable seller or pawn client and will strengthen your relationship with us.

Tip. No. 2. Research the item’s value. This is the most important action you can take before negotiating with a pawn shop in San Diego. Go online and see how much similar items, in comparable conditions, have fetched on eBay, Craiglist or OfferUp. The “Sold for” price (not the “asking price”), should be your benchmark. This benchmark applies both for selling or getting a pawn loan. This information will help you estimate how much money a pawn agent could offer.

Tip No. 3. Realistic expectations. Keep in mind that a pawn shop needs to make some money when they, in turn, sell the item. Except for certain collectibles, high-end jewelry, and luxury watches, pre-loved items seldom gain value over time. Having said that, CashCo Pawn Shops pays more money than anyone else in San Diego.

At CashCo Pawn Shops in San Diego, we think all negotiations should be a win-win. We offer a safe environment for your sales and pawns, and unparalleled customer service. Come see us, and happy negotiations!

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