Finances for every stage in your life

20s, 30s, 40s and beyond

A life of privilege is possible for everyone, not just the lucky few. It doesn´t matter if you´re 21 or 51 -you can start creating wealth and financial stability now!

We at CashCo are here to help you navigate challenges, share joys and provide support at every stage of your life. We are not just another pawn shop, but one that wants its customers and neighbors to thrive and succeed!
The following strategies will help you make the best of each decade.

Your 20s
Your primary asset today is not money, but time. Your decisions, actions and inactions will have a profound effect on your future. Each dollar you save during this decade has the potential to grow for years. Even if long-term goals -such as retirement, seem distant, it will never be easier to save than today! Later, your ability to save may be compromised by the demands of parenthood, but not today.
You are holding an entry-level job, living from paycheck to paycheck, trying to cover rent, build a professional wardrobe and have fun. Competition at work is fierce.
How CashCo Can Help
• Need fast cash? Go through your childhood jewelry. Any broken gold bracelets from when you were a baby, stray earrings, tangled gold chains? Now that you are moving on to full-on adulthood, it´s a good time to get rid of those childhood relics. You may be surprised how much cash you can get for your gold; it all adds up! Use this money to get a nice wardrobe for the job, which will help you get noticed.
• Ready to commit to the love of your life? Check out our selection of engagement and gold rings. Visit our online store. There´s no sense in paying retail once you see these prices!

Your 30s
You are productive, energetic, and upwardly mobile. You may also be building a young family. The kid´s needs may take the front seat, while you leave yours behind.
At this point, many people incur in debt. The important thing is to understand that debt is not necessarily bad. “Positive debt” will help you advance your future. “Toxic debt”, on the other hand, creates interests that are impossible to pay and keep piling up. If your credit bureau status is affected, and so will your ability to obtain a mortgage or even a car loan.
How CashCo Can Help:
• Regarding debt: With pawn loans, the item you put for pawn is your collateral. You won´t have debt and its consequences chasing you forever if you fail to make the payments. Pawn loans can help you out of any situation, and go on with your life.
• About neglecting your own needs: A good way to treat yourself to something nice occasionally is to visit CashCo to buy jewelry, at 50% or less than retail price. It is also a great place to find gadgets for the kids and tools for the home at a fraction of the price of stores. Find out what you can buy at CashCo:

Your 40s and 50s
These are the years to maximize revenue, but also to enjoy yourself. Your children are almost grown, or have already left the nest, and you can reclaim some of your freedom. While the expenses associated with college kids are frankly crazy, you should be taking care of yourself first. Hands down, most experts recommend that the children take student loans, rather than their parents tap into their savings.
Children may move out, and downsizing makes sense. Use this opportunity to get rid of things you are not using, by selling them at a CashCo Pawn near you.
Sadly, during these decades many of us lose our parents. There may be decisions to make, estates to handle, jewelry to appraise.
How CashCo Can Help
Our team of appraisers are sure to provide the fairest valuations in the market. We understand how selling gold or jewelry after the passing of a loved one is hard. We will always make the transaction as comfortable as possible. We have a private room where you can schedule a one on one evaluation of the assets.

Your 60s and Beyond
Now that “sixty is the new fifty,” your life is yours to enjoy! However, turning 60 shouldn´t mean the end of a productive life. Consider if you are financially and emotionally ready for the next stage. You may wish to postpone retirement, to keep generating income and stay active. Go through your assets, including jewelry and collectibles, and take them for an appraisal to CashCo. You may be astonished at how much gold is worth!
Some seniors get taken advantage of by adult children and other relatives, who consistently hit them for money. Consider if this is affecting your financial security. If this is the case, figure out other ways to help them, without compromising yourself.
How CashCo Can Help
Whenever family members come to you for “emergency” loans, feel free to decline, and then direct them to CashCo. Pawn loans are an excellent way to cover for emergencies and help create the habit of repaying loans without ruining anyone´s credit -or family relationships.
At CashCo, we have walked through life with hundreds of customers, joining in their joys and challenges. That´s what´s made us San Diego´s Most Trusted Pawn Shop. Look for one of our pawn shops near you.

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