Take Care of Your Money During the Holidays

The Holidays are here, and that means we are in for some serious fun!

Family time, luscious meals, warm socks…. However, it´s also important to keep an eye on expenses. There´s no shame in trying to save money in December. If anything, it´s the smart thing to do. By taking control of finances this month, you´ll be more relaxed and ready to enjoy the Holidays!!!

Does protecting your money during the season make you feel “Grinchy”??? Believe us: you are not alone!!! The idea that Christmas is all about spending, and the more we spend, the happier the holidays, is deeply ingrained in our minds. We may need to see things in a different perspective.

We at CashCo Pawn Shop are passionate about sharing ideas that will help you lead a better life. So here are a few ideas to consider:

  1. It´s OK to Look For Bargains. Long gone are the days when looking for ways to save used mean being “cheap.” Now we can see TV stars visiting Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas to buy, Sell or Pawn things such as collectibles, jewels, and antiques. There is JOY in finding the best deal, getting the absolute best price, or obtaining top dollar when you pawn or sell stuff.
  2. You Can Talk About It. Before 2008, no one dared to talk about their money problems in public. But then the crisis hit and changed everything. Suddenly, stylish magazines were featuring articles about saving on clothes and family meals. If you are having trouble making ends meet, talk to your friends. Instead of judgmental glances, chances are they´ll walk you to their favorite pawn shop, CashCo
  3. Smart Saving and Spending Will Make You Free. You can get rid of the stress of living paycheck-to-paycheck if you are willing to examine your expenses and make different choices. If need be, take a Pawn Loan. It will give you the peace of mind and freedom to relax, enjoy family and friends.
  4. Avoid Long-Term Commitments… To Debt. Credit cards can provide a false sense of security. They provide the illusion that we can take forever to pay the balance… until we realize interest keep accumulating and payments get harder and harder to make. The lesson here? Avoid credit card debt. By picking short-term options such as a Pawn Loan, we can keep our focus on paying back and getting out of debt ASAP.
  5. Don´t Fall for Every Credit Offer You Receive. You´ll get mail from a financial institution saying you qualify for a loan, no questions asked. Some creditors even allow online applications for credit. Who are they, anyway??? Even if every financial institution is willing to grant you a loan by just signing a paper, you are responsible for figuring out if you can repay. You can do so by learning more about money (reading our blog will help!). Or come by a CashCo location, and ask one of our agents about Pawn Loan… Sometimes that´s all you´ll need to get out of a bind.
  6. Don’t let your budget go down the drain in December. Granted, during the holidays family budgets need some serious adjustments. We may spend more than usual on food and entertainment, gifts and decorations. Splurging occasionally is healthy… but try to do “controlled splurges.” It´s not too late to define how much you really want to spend on each category of your budget. Come up with a figure you feel comfortable now. One that won´t create major stress in January. You think it´s too little money? Be creative! Look for ideas on how to save on everything during the holidays. Visit our Pawn Shop to find everything, from stocking-stuffers like DVDs, to game consoles, bicycles, and jewelry at 60% off retail store prices. The hunt is part of the fun: You never know what you´ll find at CashCo!

Remember, being careful with your money now will lead you to a stable money situation in January. And that´s the best gift for your family! We at CashCo wish you a happy, merry, joyful Holiday!!!


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