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How change works for all of us

How often do you switch your furniture out? Too many times? Not as often as you’d like?  Or if you are a first time buyer and don’t know what you want or have a lot of money to spend, here is ONE simple solution to satisfy all of those needs.

But before we can move on, ask yourself these two questions;

Are you an earth-friendly citizen?

Do you like saving money?

If you answered YES to those two questions, then consider the following.

Drum roll please…

Buy consignment! Yes I said buy ‘new to you’, AKA ‘second hand’ furniture.   If you didn’t already know, repurposing furniture is the number one way in reducing the need to create new goods. Every object you own like your jewelry, your electronics and your furniture, comes from somewhere that has had an environmental impact. Making stuff takes a lot of energy and that energy cost is charged to you when you buy something brand new, which is why it’s so expensive! Makes sense right?

When buying from a consignment store or your local pawn shops you help minimize your ecological footprint one purchase at a time all while saving money.  Who knew choosing to be a sustainable part of society could benefit the planet and your pocket at the same time.  So if you are that person that changes out your furniture every few months, go ahead and continue splurging without the guilt.  If you have been stuck staring at your terrible furniture decision for years and years, get rid of it and get a ‘new to you’ one. Or if you’re the struggling college student that is tired of sitting on lawn furniture in your living room, seriously, go check out the consignment store for a comfy couch that won’t break the bank.  It’s a no brainer on how we all can become one with the planet without feeling guilty and buy consignment furniture.

Eco-friendly companies like CashCo, San Diego’s #1 Pawnshop and first green pawnshop in America, really understands the value of preserving the planet’s resources. Everything from the diamond jewelry, gold jewelry and watches that we sell to the showcases themselves have been ‘previously loved’ and repurposed to help maintain the mission in becoming a sustainable part of society.   Because CashCo has proven to be a good member of society, we have proudly achieved the LEED certified Silver, a community of residence that follows very strict sustainability guidelines for homes and businesses.  If you haven’t thought about visiting a pawn broker in your local pawn shops or gone to a furniture consignment shop, then you are totally missing out on some fabulous deals.

Join Cashco and help create a sustainable environment to live in.  Visit for more information on how to become eco friendly like them and save money while being planet-friendly. And if you have more ideas about how to become more sustainable for our environment, please feel free to share your ideas and or concerns on our comment block below or our Facebook page.

Author: Sarah M.

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