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Reunited at CashCo

The story began three years ago in 2012; when Edward and Michaela began their relationship. But to make this long story short… we’ll begin back on February 2015. Edward decided to propose to his girlfriend at the time; Michaela. He found the perfect ring and did everything he could in order to purchase and propose. A few months after the proposal, the newly engaged couple passed through multiple rough patches, forcing Edward to revoke the ring he had given Michaela and pawned it for a quick loan.
Fast forward to a few months later; Michaela reached out to us and sent us a message/review on Facebook. She shared her story about how special this ring was for her and how she wanted to wish the best for the new owner of ‘her engagement ring’.


Her message on Facebook was genuine and we could truly sense appreciation to what she had one day and blessed the new owner wishing she feels the same love. Upon reading her comment on Facebook; our community manager contacted Michaela requesting her fiance, Edward to come into CashCo Pawn and get to know him a little better. We wanted to make sure this was all legit and meet the faces behind the message.
All customer information is 100% private and they have trusted us in keeping all matters confidential. This story is unique! Having Michaela share the story on social media where the community is present, is an inspiration. Her persistence, kindness and sharing has caught our attention and those in the community want to hear more. Edward and Michaela were generous to share their story and allow us to share it with you.


We met Edward at our City Heights Pawn Shop and got to know him better. We mentioned to Edward that Michaela’s engagement ring has not been sold yet. His eyes opened and couldn’t believe that his fiances ring was still around. Many of the items that come into CashCo Pawn may be sold right away, while others are placed in the melting and diamond extraction line up. His fiance’s ring was about to disappear forever. Michaela’s story sent to us through Facebook couldn’t have come at a better time. While Edward was figuring out how he could buy back the ring; Moris Adato, general manager and partner of CashCo Pawn gifted the engagement ring! He didn’t have to pay a thing… zilch… zero. He saw something special in Edward and didn’t think twice to help him in this unforgettable moment. On Wednesday August 19th, Edward and Michaela walked into our shop to share the special proposal, which took place on Michaela’s birthday. For some reason her family and friends weren’t around and didn’t show up on her birthday.. but her man was right there on one knee, smiling ear to ear, expressing his love for her while tears of joy were dripping down her face as she gets reunited with her engagement ring!!!! She was surprised by Edward while they were having a casual day at Starbucks when her special moment happened.
Our team is happy and grateful to have been part of this magical moment and journey in both Edward and Michaela’s lives. Hold on to that ring guys.. and hold on to each other forever!!

Author: Deb Log

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