Get Money for the Holidays with a Pawn Loan

If you´ve been thinking about getting a Pawn Loan, December is a great time to do it.

This is a month of joy and celebration, and our families are all excited! However, the holiday season also brings extraordinary expenses, which may create stress.

Even the most financially sound people find themselves short of money during the holidays. There is no shame in pawning -everyone did at some point!

Here are some reasons to pawn items in December:

  • Get cash now for gifts and necessities without relying on credit cards
  • You may be a couple of weeks away from getting your Christmas bonus, which means you´ll soon have money to repay the pawn loan
  • Make the most of seasonal sales and discounts by getting money now
  • Maybe this hasn´t been the greatest year: the loss of a job or medical bills made it more difficult, but a pawn loan will help you get through. For sure things will be better next year!

Out with the old, in with the new!

If the idea of pawning does not appeal to you, but you are looking for extra cash for the holidays, you may consider Selling your used gold items, jewelry, tools, gadgets, electronics or musical instruments.

December is also a great month to sell your items. Why?

  • Make room for new things to come in the new year, by getting rid of stuff that is just cluttering your life
  • Getting cash today may give you a fresh, debt-free start of the year!
  • For a full list of things you can sell or pawn, Click Here.

Where to Find Items to Pawn

When considering a pawn loan, many people automatically think of gold and silver pawnshops. That´s not necessarily true. We at CashCo are looking for all kinds of items.

You think you´ve got nothing to pawn? Look here:

  • In your garage: CashCo will take tools that are in good condition
  • Living room: That pro-sound equipment you bought your teen on his DJ days? He´s moved on…. So can you!
  • Kids rooms: Gadgets, tablets, electronics are hot! We´ll pay top dollar for them
  • The black hole where forgotten sports equipment goes to die: Remember the day you decided to learn to play golf? Yeah… you bought the nice golf clubs, used them for 2 months and then… well… Sports equipment make great pawns (you´re not using it anyway, are you?)
  • Jewelry drawer. Watches, bracelets, vintage jewelry, scraps of gold.

You can pawn almost any item with a monetary value. If you are unsure about what to pawn, just give us a call, Contact Us!

Ok, but is pawning the right choice?

People who have never pawned before frequently ask themselves that question. You will probably feel more at ease if you consider the following:

  • Is the item replaceable? Be honest with yourself. If there is a good chance of not being able to repay the loan on time, it´s better not to choose family heirlooms (unless they belonged to the someone associated with bad memories).
  • Some items lose sentimental value as time goes by. As time goes by, we realize some items just lose their significance, though they have a monetary value.
  • “Pawn” does not equal “lose.” You are using the item as collateral to obtain a loan. Concentrate on repaying the loan, and you´ll get your item back. It´s as simple as that.
  • You qualify for a loan even if you don´t have a credit history. This is the reason why pawn loans appeal to young people and millennials, who haven´t had a chance to establish a credit history and are trying to survive in this economy.
  • Traditional loans from financial institutions require credit checks and intrusive paperwork. Pawn loans are a quick, easy, hassle-free way of obtaining quick cash for emergencies.
  • Compare pawnshops. CashCo gives you MUCH more money than any other pawn shop in San Diego. Compare the terms and conditions of the pawn loan, including the possibility of extending the pawn loan period, perks and interest rates.
  • Nothing will happen to the item. Really. Really. Really. “I was so OCD the first time I pawned an item,” says Gloria, a longtime CashCo client. “I kept coming back to the stores to see if they hadn´t put it for sale before my deadline.” A reputable pawnshop will NEVER put an item up for sale before the loan period ends. At CashCo we go the extra mile, sending our clients texts and reminders of their due dates. During the pawn period, the items are kept at a secured location.
  • Pawnshops care. Well, CashCo cares. We understand that there are times where things are just a little harder. If this is the 1st time you´ve pawned with us, we´ll give you an interest-free loan for 90 days*.

CashCo has been voted Best Pawn Shop in San Diego several years in a row. Our goal is to bring joy, understanding and support to our neighbors this Holiday Season and through the year! Yes, #cashcocares!

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