How to Get the Best Gifts – Without Breaking the Bank

´Tis the season when the “shop-shop-shop” message is all around us.

And frankly, we all deserve something nice. The good news is, you can treat your loved ones (and yourself!) to the finest presents -without breaking the bank.

We at CashCo want you to be smart with your money, but also, to enjoy the season. This may mean “deprogramming” from the messages the “commercial culture” sends our way.

Here´s a sample of these messages, which may be ruining your chances of getting quality gifts for your family -at prices that won´t make you lose sleep:

MESSAGE: “The better deals are available ONLY at chain or department stores.”

REALITY: Department stores and national store chains spend millions of dollars in advertising. And you know who ends up paying for it all, right? The consumer. You´d probably rather spend money on a good gift, than invest on a store´s advertising campaign. Now consider CashCo, the pawn shop near you. It’s a treasure trove of fine jewelry at rock bottom prices, plus other gift items that will please everyone in your family, such as:

  • Art
  • Coins
  • Collectibles
  • Diamonds
  • Electronics
  • Gadgets
  • Game Consoles
  • Sports Memorabilia
  • Stereos
  • Tools
  • Vintage antique jewelry
  • Watches

Discover what you can buy at CashCo, and how far your dollar can go: SHOP You can also reserve items through our online store, eBay shop, and we even have local pick-up and shipping available!

MESSAGE 1: “You´ve GOT TO RUSH right after Thanksgiving dinner to do your shopping.”

REALITY: We at CashCo have are deeply invested in making our community and families stronger. Let´s enjoy long-standing traditions such as having a relaxed Thanksgiving dinner. Let´s not fight with hundreds of shoppers for stuff, with little or no assistance from exhausted salespeople, and wake up the next day thinking “why did I buy that?” Come by to CashCo and get fine jewelry, gadgets, tools and more, at

60-70% off retail prices, every day, all year long. Take advantage of the personalized, friendly service of our expert employees. Our pawnshop is even open on Sunday, so just drop by one of our stores!

MESSAGE 2: Repurposed merchandise is not “nice”

REALITY. Quite the contrary. Repurposed merchandise is super trendy among the smart and fashionable set. From vintage clothing stores, to upscale Sotheby´s auctions and secret private sales, recycling and reusing is all the rage among the wealthy and not-so-wealthy. The truth is, everyone loves good deals! So plan a visit to CashCo pawn shop, you´ll find great prices and unique pieces. As for the recipient, we still haven´t heard from anyone complain about getting a gold bracelet from CashCo as a gift…

MESSAGE 3: You´ll only find run-of-the-mill stuff at pawn shops

REALITY: Also, not true. There´s nothing more frustrating that going to a party and finding three other ladies wearing your exact same necklace you saw at the mall´s window shop. At a pawn shop, you can obtain unique, rare pieces of jewelry and watches, of different provenances and styles. All materials, precious and semiprecious stones are by our professional teams for authenticity. So if you´re planning on buying gold or diamond rings for the holidays, find something really special at CashCo.

Jewelry bought at gold and silver pawn shops is a great option. At CashCo, every jewelry item on display has gone through a thorough examination and refinishing process that includes:

  • Appraisal. Our in-house certified gemologists and jewelers ensure that you´re getting the real thing
  • Deep cleaning. With the aid of steam, soft brushes, and ultrasonic technology
  • Refinishing. Gets rid of deep scratches
  • Adjustments. We hand-check precious stones and pearls and tighten them if necessary
  • Factory specifications. We´ll bring back the piece to factory specs specialty jewelry, watches and other fine brand pieces.

The result?

Sparkly, flawless jewelry, as new and shiny as anything at the jewelry stores –only 60-70% cheaper!!!!!

By the way, bring your own jewelry to CashCo to have it cleaned and renewed with this process while you wait! REQUEST A CLEANING

CashCo has been voted Best Pawn Shop in San Diego several years in a row. Our pawn shop is open on Sundays through the holiday season and all year long. We are here to celebrate together with you, our neighbor and friend, a happy, abundant and joyful holiday. Our best wishes to you and your family!!!

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