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How Much Money Can I Get at a Pawn Shop in San Diego

Finding the Right Pawn Shop in San Diego Can Make a Big Difference on

How Much Money You Get


When you need quick cash, there’s no time to waste. You wonder how much money you can get at a pawn shop. But since you need money NOW, you can’t make the rounds and visit every pawn shop in San Diego. Let us take a load off your shoulders and help you figure it out:

  • Resale value:

    Pawn shops decide how much money to give you for your items based on several factors. The most important? The wholesale value of the item. The reason is simple. Most likely, you will return, pay your pawn loan, and get your item back. But if you don´t, the pawn shop can sell it. And they must make some money from that sale.

  • How do I find out the resale value?

    Before leaving for the pawn shop, do a quick Google search. Look on eBay for similar items: same brand, similar wear-and-tear, same model. How much did they sell for? Remember: The seller’s asking price is not as relevant as how much they were paid for the item.

  • What items will get me the most money?

    Generally, jewelry, gold, and fine watches will get top dollar. The value of these items is more permanent than that of computers and gadgets. Pawn shops will loan more money for newer generation electronics, cell phones, and video-game consoles than they would for older models. The exception would be collectibles, which we will soon discuss.

However, if you are a rush to get money, time may be of the essence. You may not be able to look at the resale prices on eBay. Or to go calmly through your drawer. That´s where it pays -literally-, to have a trustworthy pawn shop in mind. CashCo will give you more money than any other pawn shop in San Diego. We will also evaluate your item for free -no strings attached. Three pawn shops in San Diego and 15 years in business means you are in good hands.


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