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How to Negotiate with a Pawn Shop

How to Get Money Now in San Diego

Pawn shops in San Diego are not just for getting money when you are in a bind. People use pawn loans for happy occasions, such as making a long-awaited trip or paying for a daughter’s Sweet Sixteen party.

What do Pawn Shops in San Diego Do?

Pawn shops offer a fast and convenient way to get money, without the hassle of credit checks. The way it works is you bring something of value to get a short-term loan. When you repay the loan, you get your item back.

The loan must be paid with interest, depending on the loan option you chose. At CashCo Pawn Shops in San Diego, loans are 4, 5, or 6 months long, and you can pay the interest as many times as you want to renew your loan and not lose the item you left as collateral.

OK, I want to get money now. How do I start?

Regardless of the situation, you find yourself in, come to one of our pawn shops in San Diego for a free evaluation. Our experienced staff will help you figure out what your item is worth.

Find an item to Pawn.

Look around your house, your garage, and your jewelry drawer, for valuable items to bring. Generally, the more valuable the item, the more money you´ll get for it. However, the condition of the item will also determine its value.

Cash-Making Tip:

While broken tools or electronics may be turned down; pawn shops will pay good money for jewelry. You can even pawn broken jewelry or jewelry that’s missing links.

What jewelry items get the most money at pawnshops in San Diego?

At this point you are asking yourself which of the items you found in the jewelry drawer will get you the most cash. Keep this in mind:

Not all that shines… Markings such as “HGE” (heavy gold electroplate), “GP” (gold plated), or “RPG” (rolled gold plated) mean these items are made of non-precious metals and covered with a thin plating of gold. So even if they shine, they are not as valuable as jewelry made with precious metals with markings such as “750,” “750/1000,” “PT,” or “18k.”

Fashion Jewelry, Fine Jewelry, Luxury Brands?

Which is more valuable? Family heirlooms? Luxury brands such as Tiffany and Co? And what about watches? We all know that fine watches such as Rolex or Cartier are valuable… But if you own other brands, you can go to eBay or to a jewelry store to figure out its price on the market.

Tips to get more money for your jewelry:

Dust off and Polish:

Simple measures such as cleaning your item will make things look more attractive and may help you fetch more cash.

Cash Making-Tip:

Think as if you were going to “buy” your item. Does it work properly? Does it look appealing? Does it include its accessories and original packaging?

Consider Having the Item Appraised.

You Can Schedule An Appointment With Our In-house certified gemologist to have your items appraised. An appraisal gives you bargaining power and is good to have in case you decide to sell the item in the future.

First-time Pawn Perks

If you’ve never pawned before, at CashCo Pawn Shops in San Diego you’ll pay 0% interest and $0 fees, up to $250 and up to 6-months. Take advantage of this opportunity to try out a pawn loan!

Questions to ask the pawnbroker:

Where will my items be stored?

  • How many years has this San Diego pawn shop been in business?
  • Do you have any other locations?
  • What’s your BBB rating?
  • What is the monthly interest rate?
  • Are there any additional fees (like ticket fee, storage fee, lost receipt fee?
  • Do you specialize in certain kind of items? And if so, in which?

At the end of the day, the best thing you can do is to bring your jewelry items to a reliable pawn shop, such as CashCo Pawn Shops in San Diego. We will give you an honest, professional valuation of your item. You will get more money than anywhere else in San Diego.


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