Reasons to Buy Holiday Gifts at a Pawn Shop

Getting gifts at a pawn shop is smart.

It´s as simple as that. There´s something to please everyone on your list, from the rock enthusiast to the watch collector!

Here´s a list of things you may find at CashCo, check it out:

  • Top quality Golf Clubs for your hubby!
  • Genuine Tiffany & Co earrings for the wife (major brownie points!)
  • A Saxophone for the band player in the house – earplugs not included : )
  • A Nikon Lens for the photography fan!
  • Pro-audio Equipment for the music lover in the family
  • A Game Console for the kids, such as Sony Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo
  • Authentic Rolex Oyster Watch for the luxury brand lover
  • Fashion watches such as Diesel, Nixon and Bulova for the young and modern!

This list is based on actual merchandise recently sold here at CashCo. Our inventory changes every day! That´s why we recommend to visit the CashCo Pawn Shop near you  often. Check our online store frequently too. Don’t miss out!

Still More Reasons to Get Your Gifts at a Pawn Shop

You get to ENJOY the shopping experience. One of our top priorities at CashCo is to provide a pleasant experience for our customers. That´s true if visit us to pawn an item, or to shop for one. Our CashCo Pawn Shops are well-staffed, boutique sized and offer plenty of parking. Forget about long lines, crowds and finding a parking spot at the mall. Here you will enjoy personal attention and a hassle-free shopping experience.

Second-hand does not equal second-rate

Think of the expensive musical instrument you bought for your kids. The fact that they used it just twice has not robbed the instrument of any of its essential qualities. It could still be used for a long-long time!!! If you buy jewelry at our pawnshop, know that every piece goes through a renovation process that includes checking and even replacing clasps, tightening the prongs that hold stones, and removing surface scratches.

No, it´s not “weird”

The stigma associated with buying a gifts at a pawn shop has all but disappeared. Reality shows such as “Hard-Core Pawn” and “Pawn Stars” have helped change the public´s attitude towards pawnshops. When visiting a pawn shop for the 1st time, you may expect to find a drab, sketchy locale. Instead, at CashCo you´ll find an airy store, full of light and joy. Our great showing room and personalized service beat shopping at the mall any day.

It makes NO sense to pay retail

Tools, appliances, musical instruments, and electronics lose resale value the moment you open the package, even if they are in mint condition. And when you buy jewelry at retail prices, you end up paying steep markups, which do not translate to the piece´s re-sale price. By getting rid of the frills, CashCo can offer jewelry at 60 to 70% off retail.

Authentic and Certified Jewelry

At CashCo, you can buy with confidence. Our expert team authenticates the jewelry we sell. Every piece goes through extensive tests and thorough refurbishing. When buying pre-owned jewelry at a pawn shop, it is of the essence to verify the reputation of the store. Check out CashCo team´s credentials, which include GIA certified gemologists on site and certified jewelers.

CashCo Pawn Shop is a multiple recipient of A-List’s #1 Best Pawn Shop Award, and the first certified “green” pawn shop in America. Our pawn shop is open on Sunday during the holidays and all year long. Come to one of our three locations today to see for yourself!

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