Smart Consumption During the Holidays

Relax! There is a way…

If an alien landed in our country in December, and learned about us through magazine and TV ads, it would think that all humans do is shop for splendid gifts at fancy stores! Moreover, it would assume all Americans have bottomless wallets…

Granted, we are all excited to hit the mall and shop. Yet, here at CashCo, the pawn shop near you, we talk to our clients, and hear a different story. The truth is the upcoming shopping craze causes undue stress in many, who are right now asking themselves: How am I going to be able to afford nice gifts this year?

Relax! There is a way: think of us here at CashCo as your partner and friend. We are here to help you figure out the way to get high-quality, valuable gifts for loved ones while keeping your finances in check. That´s why we´ve become San Diego´s preferred pawnshop. Because we are here for our clients not only in tough moments but also during times of celebration!

Follow these tips to make the best out of your Holiday gift budget and
avoid buyer´s remorse:

  1. Avoid impulse purchases on electronics and gadgets. This category is often the cause of major “financial hangover,” as the new gadget loses value when the next model comes out (which will be in about… fifteen minutes). The quest for the latest and greatest involves big bucks. Before you decide to invest a large chunk of your savings in a brand-new gadget, ask yourself if you really need the most recent model. Are its features relevant to your personal needs? You have two choices now: You can spend your Christmas bonus on new smartphones or tablets, or you can visit CashCo and check out our selection of electronics and gadgets.
  2. Never visit a jewelry store. By all means, go to the mall. Have some hot chocolate and a pic with Santa. Enjoy! But when it comes to buying, jewelry is consistently mentioned on the lists of “Things You Should Never Buy Retail,” along with tools, musical instruments, and gold. All of these you can get at CashCo [LINK SHOP]. Ask yourself if you really need the experience of shopping at the mall´s jewelry store? Shouldn´t quality and price be the goal? By buying silver and gold at pawn shops such as CashCo, you´ll get unbeatable prices and certified items.
  3. Explore our financing option. Yes, it’s true! Our pawn shop store offers financing. You may now get 100% approved by our partnership with Brilliance Credit! Come to one of our CashCo pawn shops near you  to fill-out an application. Our financing service is secure, fast, hassle-free and available to everyone. CashCo offers some other services that may surprise you: Wish List (let us know what you are looking for and we´ll search for you), Jewelry Cleaning and Renovation CLEANING REQUEST, Jewelry Appraisals and Certification , and more!
  4. Find money for gifts. Have some jewelry you don´t enjoy anymore lying around the house? Gold scraps or old mementos that have lost their significance? Sell gold for cash, and use that money to buy other gifts for the family! A common problem for many of our clients is a lack of cash-flow to get your gifts before Christmas. The solution? Get a pawn loan. You may pay it back once your Christmas bonus comes in, or follow our Guide to Retrieve Pawned Items , which lays out an organization plan for pawn loan repayments.
  5. Visit only the most reputable pawn shop. When buying valuable items, you need to be confident of what you are getting. CashCo has been voted best pawnshop in San Diego several years in a row. This speaks about our prestige and the honesty of our operations. We have deep relationships within our communities, and professional appraisers to attest to the authenticity of all precious stones, gold, silver and platinum found at CashCo. People of all walks of life enjoy buying jewelry at CashCo, and couldn´t be happier with their purchases!

The friendly salespeople at CashCo will be able to offer detailed information about the gold and silver for sale at our pawn shop. Make a real impact on the person you love by buying something extraordinary, like a fine watch or a diamond ring. Something they wouldn´t have expected -and which you will be able to afford by purchasing gold and silver at our pawnshop.

Happy Smart-Shopping!

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