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How A Pawn Shop in San Diego Helped Me Get Over My Divorce

Selling Jewelry After a Divorce Can Help You With The Healing Process

What do you do with the jewelry from an ex? Wearing the bling you received from a former spouse feels weird. But returning the jewelry after a breakup… you may not feel that charitable either. Then enters the pawn shop solution. Of course, selling jewelry at a pawn shop can be the first step towards healing the wounds of a divorce.

“After my divorce, I took my engagement ring to CashCo,” says Susan*. “I had been struggling with the idea of selling the ring. However, CashCo’s certified gemologists quoted me a very good price for it”.

All things considered, Susan discovered we also have jewelry for sale here at CashCo, and it’s always 50% off retail. Next, she fell in love with Tiffany & Co pendant.

“So first, while I was there at CashCo, I sold my engagement ring. Then, I walked to the jewelry section of the store and bought the Tiffany pendant. That pendant, to me, was the symbol of new beginning.”

Since she got plenty of cash for her engagement ring, and the pendant was not as expensive, she left CashCo with money in her wallet -and a new feeling of freedom. “That money helped me with other divorce expenses”, she added.

Why you should sell jewelry from an ex after a divorce:

  • Jewelry items received as presents carry emotional memories
  • By selling jewelry it lose its emotional pull, you are allowing it to become an just an asset
  • Selling an engagement ring after a divorce will help you move on emotionally and financially
  • Selling jewelry, gold, and even household items have a liberating effect on many divorcés.

How to Sell Jewelry After a Divorce

Step No. 1: Make Peace with the Thought of Selling Stuff After the Breakup

Gifts of jewelry have significance, that’s what makes it difficult go get rid of them. Even household items such as of electronics and gadgets may seem hard since they were bought with the life as a couple in mind. But things don´t always work out the way we planned. And now, those objects are weighing you down.

Step No. 2: Say “Goodbye” and “Hi”!

Let´s say you are having trouble getting rid of an engagement ring after a divorce. Experts recommend doing this:

  1. Hold the ring in your hand, look at it, and say: “Goodbye”
  2. “Thank it” for the memories and the purpose it served.
  3. Accept that you need to part with it to make room for new experiences, objects, and plans.

Step No. 3. Visit our Pawn Shop in San Diego and Get a Quote

Have you asked yourself how much gold is worth? In San Diego? Come to CashCo Pawn and get a quote. Bring those gold cuff links you wore at your wedding (and never again). Or the gold pendant you never really liked. An evaluation should always be the first step if you are considering selling jewelry.

Step No. 4. Don’t Leave Empty Handed

Do as Susan did, and get yourself something nice. Find a piece of jewelry to signify rebirth and a new beginning. At CashCo you get reward points every time you sell, pawn and buy an item.

Step No. 5. Consider Getting a Pawn Loan

Not ready to sell? How about getting a pawn loan?

All things considered, divorce is expensive: legal fees, moving expenses, loss of income. A pawn loan can provide quick cash. And you can “practice” living without the jewelry item, while you are still able to get it back.

If you have any questions or need more information about the kinds of things you can pawn, click here, or contact us.

Is it Legal to Sell Jewelry During a Divorce?

Similarly, everything either bought or earned during the marriage by a couple is considered a “marital asset” and will be a part of the property settlement. If those items are sold, the value of that item will need to be divided.

Finally, to avoid legal problems, sell jewelry or gold for cash only after reaching a settlement and when the divorce is final. CashCo offers appraisal services, which are sometimes mandated by law.

At CashCo, you can count our discretion and support. We are here for you at every stage of your life. That´s why we have been voted the No. 1 Pawn Shop in San Diego.

*Not her real name. At CashCo, we NEVER share your information.

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