Things to Pawn for Money

The Top 6 Items to Pawn and How to Get the Most Cash for Them

Though jewelry is the most popular item to pawn, pawn shops will pay good money for a variety of things you may have in your garage, and never thought to pawn or sell. There are some items that are more coveted than others by pawn establishments. Pawn shops may even incentivize customers to bring those items with loyalty points and other perks. At CashCo Pawn Shops in San Diego, such “star items” receive additional reward points.

Here´s a quick guide to the kinds of things you can pawn for money. “Star items” are marked with -you guessed it-, stars:

  1. Gadgets and Electronics

Pawn shops will happily take electronics, especially brand names and high-end gadgets. Some items, such as Go Pro Cameras and Apple products can get top-dollar.

What kind of electronics can I pawn for a loan?

Tips to get top-dollar for electronics:

  • Recent models in excellent working condition get more cash
  • Charge the gadget´s battery fully before hitting the pawn store, so the attendant can verify the item is functioning properly
  • You´ll get more money if you are able to bring in the whole enchilada: the original warranty, instruction manuals, packaging and accessories, such as cords, chargers and remote controls. This is especially true for Apple products
  • Things that decrease the value of a gadget: Scratches, dents, a smashed screen

GENERAL RULE: A pawn shop will determine how much it will pay for an item based on its resale value, so it stands to reason that you´ll get more money for recent models, items in good working condition and that need minimal to no fixes.

EXCEPTION TO THE RULE: Collectible items and antiques.

  1. Jewelry

You can get a high value – quick cash pawn loan for jewelry. This is even true for scrap jewelry (a broken gold chain, a spare earring or link from gold watch). The pawn agent will weight and test the item to find out the gold content. He will consider how much gold costs, the karats and the weight.

Jewelry items you know (and didn´t know) you could pawn:

Tips to get top-dollar for jewelry:

  • Look for markings indicating the karat value of the piece. 24 karat gold is purer, but rare these days.
  • Remember, “not everything that shines is gold”: gold plated, or silver plated jewelry has little resale value.
  • If you suspect a piece is valuable because of its craftsmanship or antiquity, get an appraisal. At CashCo Pawn shop you´ll find GIA certified in-house appraisers.
  1. Power Tools

Yes, power tools are very popular as pawn items, mostly because there´s a good resale market for them. Consider selling or pawning those power tools you no longer use but are still in good shape.

What kind of tools can I pawn?

Tips to get top-dollar for tools:

  • Bring in all the accessories, cords, and attachments
  • Clean the tool up, remove grime, oil, and debris
  • Charge the tool or fill it up with gas, so that the attendant can test it
  • The best power tool brands make the most profitable pawns
  1. Musical Instruments

Most parents are overjoyed to find out they can pawn or sell the electric guitar their kids used for five days, before losing interest. If you bring in a musical instrument to a pawn shop, make sure the serial number is visible (yep, 99% of all instruments sold in the US have serial numbers). By law, pawn shops can´t take musical instruments that don´t show this number (this, to avoid trading with stolen goods). Brand names such as Yamaha and Gibson can get more money.

What kind of musical instruments can I pawn?

CashCo Pawn Shops take all kinds of musical instruments, including:

  1. Coins

Coins are in a different category than jewelry, partly because they are collectible. Serious collectors forge relationships with pawn shops, so they can call dibs when the store gets a coin they may want. If your coins are valuable, the pawn shop will most likely take them.

What kind of coins can I pawn?

  • Silver Dollars
  • Half-Dollars
  • American Eagles
  • S. Collectible Coins
  • Gold Coins

Tips to get top-dollar for your coins:

  • Reputable pawn shops will let you know if the coin should be valued for its metal components (in the case of silver or gold coins), or its rarity and authenticity.
  1. Sports Equipment

Most people are surprised to find out they can get money for their used sporting equipment, but it´s true. It´s nice to get something in return for expensive equipment, especially once you´ve lost interest in the sport or no longer use it.

What kind of sports equipment can I pawn?

  • Bikes
  • Golf clubs
  • Snowboards
  • Skis
  • Surfboards
  • Bikes
  • Tennis rackets

How to get top dollar for your used sports equipment?

  • The equipment should be of a newer generation (unless it´s a collectible item) and in very good condition
  • Clean away the grime and dirt off the equipment
  • In the case of bikes, higher-ends are the surest bet. Make sure the chains are tight, and the wheels filled with air. The pawn shop will pay more for a bike that needs little to no repairs.

Bottom line, if you are not sure about an item, bring it to a reputable pawn shop, such as CashCo, for an evaluation. You´ll probably leave with money in your pocket. Here´s CashCo Pawn Shop´s number: 619-280-7296
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