Save On Everything

13 Tips To Saving

Little expenses add up, but if you know where to trim, you can get hundreds of extra dollars in your wallet.

The following tips will help you save on the main areas of household spending:


1. Toys and video games. How many toys do you have at home gathering dust? After the initial excitement, children usually toss them aside. To maintain the novelty, and avoid buying toys frequently, organize a rotation with friends. This works particularly well with young children. As for the videos, organizing a loan system between friendly families benefits everyone.

2. Eat at home. A pasta dish in a restaurant can cost 20 times more than the home-made version. And instead of going out on the weekends to a restaurant, organize a potluck Sunday meal with friends.

3. Spend quality time with your children. It’s easy to entertain children with items we have at home: glue, old magazines, flour and sugar to make cookies. What kids really want is our attention, not things.


4. Relax. Aggressive driving consumes 33% more fuel on the highway, and 5% on city streets. When on the road, imagine there is an egg under the gas pedal: step on it lightly, or it will crack.

5. Plan your route. Prefer the fastest route, not the shortest one. Constant stops or traffic translate into an increase in gas consumption.

6. Maintenance. Regular checkups could translate into a 4% more efficient gas use. Just do the math. It will help you save!

7. Evaluate your insurance. It is really worth comparing insurance carriers, in addition to talking with your own and asking how to obtain lower monthly payments (without affecting your coverage).


8.. Why remodel, when you can paint. Are you bored with your home decor? Don´t worry, there´s no need for a fortune to make a difference. Move the furniture around, get rid of outdated pieces, paint the walls and add some new details, such as ceramic vases in vibrant colors or a patterned throw.

9. Bundle. Consider consolidating your Internet, phone and cable plans.

At the supermarket

10. Pay attention. It’s not fun, and it takes time, but it works: pay attention to the volume/price ratio of the products you buy. Never assume that the large package contains twice the product and costs twice, that is not always the case.

11. Think strategically. Save by buying more affordable packages. Plan weekly menus ahead of time and cook large quantities of food (this saves time, electricity, gas, and effort) and freeze small portions for daily use.

12. Stock up on items on sale. When finding a product that you use frequently at a significantly discounted price, stock up on it, freeze it or store it in the pantry.


13. Do not pay more for brands. Celebrities are paid to wear brand names, but it costs us to do the same.. and we don’t get paid to do so. Stores like Wal-Mart and Old Navy carry fashionable styles and good quality products, at friendly prices.

If you could use a few of the tips above on a weekly basis; you are guaranteed to keep more money in your wallet.

Author: Sharon R.
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