Selling a Handbag at a Pawnshop in San Diego vs. Selling It at a Consignment Store

There are a couple of ways to make money off your pre-loved luxury handbags in San Diego.

And while selling designer handbags at a pawnshop may not be the top-of-mind choice for some people, this option offers many advantages over the traditional consignment store. Here are some considerations:

Gas, Time, and Money

Before deciding between a pawn shop and a consignment store, consider how many times you’ll have to visit each to get your cash.

When you sell your handbag at a pawn shop: Get it all done in 1 trip!

Selling stuff at a pawn shop in San Diego means immediate cash. Just bring your items for a free evaluation, get an immediate offer, and receive money on the spot.

Selling at a Consignment Store: Minimum 2 trips.

When selling at a consignment store, you´ll make several trips:

  • 1st Trip: For an evaluation.
  • 2nd Trip (and possibly 3rd and 4th): You´ll make a second trip to pick up your money once the consignment store sells one of your items. If you bring more than one handbag, you may need to visit the consignment store more than once to retrieve your money.
  • Final Trip. And if your handbag doesn’t sell, you’ll need to return to pick up the item.

Important note:

Some upscale consignment stores in San Diego will not return the items to you if they don’t sell. They will, instead, donate your items to charity. If your goal is to recover some of the money you invested in your handbag, a consignment shop may not be the best choice.

Definite Answers

Pawn shops in San Diego will evaluate your handbag, and will give you an answer on the spot. If they accept it, you´ll get money right away. If they don’t, you can take your item back home. When a pawn shop accepts an item, they assume the risk of selling it, which allows you to relax and immediately enjoy your cash.

Getting Money with Your Handbag without Parting with it

Not ready to part with your handbag but still need some cash? Pawn shops will give you the option of leaving valuable items in their care in exchange for a loan. It’s a fast an easy way to get money, and keep your things. Just make sure to make the loan payments on time. CashCo Pawn Shops in San Diego will even offer flexible loan terms for your convenience, for a low 2.8-3% monthly interest fee.

Finally, be aware that not every pawn shop in San Diego buys handbags. At CashCo Pawn we do! You can even make use of our calculator to find out how much money you could get for your pre-owned handbag before your pawn or sell. Our trained associates can evaluate and authenticate your luxury bags in-store. Contact us for more information.

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