What it Means to be Part of a Community

When my family first moved to Spain, instead of living in the city center, we decided to live in a small village outside of the city. It was a beautiful region, but friends warned us that the locals would treat us like outsiders.

We quickly became part of village life. There was a village square where everyone met for coffee and there were local events that united everyone in the community. We quickly made friends – not just with our neighbors, but with store clerks, restaurant owners, teachers, the newspaper editor and with the senior citizens who sat in the square during the afternoon.

For the first time, I understood what it meant to be part of a community. A community involves everyone: from the local cafe owner to the butcher to the local pharmacist. It’s where businesses and people join together to help one another, to celebrate special occasions and to provide comfort during times of need. A community is a place where you feel link you belong.

CashCo Pawn believes in its community. We believe in celebrating the successes of our customers, in raising money and awareness for special causes and providing a place where no one is judged and where everyone feels like family.


We know that everyone goes through difficult times, and we want our customers to see us as friends they can call on when they need a helping hand. Whether they need a loan to pay rent, pay for education, transportation or even money to pay for food, we’re here to help.

But community isn’t just about providing financial support. When we say we provide more than just a loan, we mean it. Throughout the year, we host special fundraising events, giveaways and holiday celebrations to help strengthen community ties.

To learn more about our special events throughout the year, have a look at our events page on our website and don’t forget to post your own event photos on our Instagram page.


We love spending time with customers and their families at local events and we love being able to give back to a community that has been so supportive of us. We look forward to getting to know you better at our next event!

Author: Theresa M
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