How to cleanse your belongings from your past marriage

Get rid of stuff around the house that reminds you of your ex-spouse.

If you’re anything like us, you’re still probably bummed that Brad and Jen never got their happily ever after (thanks, Angelina). According to leading legal research database Westlaw, couples tend to file for divorce in March more than any other month. For most couples, weighing the decision to divorce starts around the new year and progresses from there.

Our Expert Lead Gemologist; Moris Adato is available to discuss how to cleanse your belongings from your past marriage and get rid of stuff around the house that reminds you of your ex-spouse. What’s worth keeping? How much are certain items worth? Can you make a little bit of extra cash from those items? Before we give you the solutions, if you haven’t gone through your divorce just yet but thinking about it as a possibility we suggest to do your best to save your marriage before going through this ordeal and putting your family through it as well. However, if you’ve made up your mind, consider these last resort options below.

4 ways to cleanse your belongings from your past marriage:

#1- Out with the old .. in with the new!
You want to get these items out of your mind and out of sight! Let’s get these items off your hands quickly; sell your item to us as we pay up to 100% of gold value.

#2- Need money but not ready to let go? Pawn it.
If you are in a hardship and can actually take advantage of the gifts that were given to you; bring it in and get cash instantly depending on the value of your piece.

#3- Upgrade!
Recreate a new piece of jewelry out of what you have (in-house certified jeweler and gemologists can help by designing and creating something completely new), we’ll add some sage to cleanse that and make sure it feels completely new without any unwanted lingering energy.

#5- Appraise & Invest
Hold on to the gold and diamonds as this may be of great value to you in the future. Our advice is to schedule a free evaluation with our in-house gemologists in a private room setting at to learn about what the value of your goods are in order to know how to proceed with the material you have. Appraisals may be scheduled as well by contacting the store directly at 619.280.7296 and setting up a private appraisal at, which is also created for insurance purposes.

Do what will make you happy because at the end of the day what counts is to cleanse yourself from the things that stress you and detoxify all the negative and bring in the positive.

We’ve got your back!
Expert Lead Gemologist, Moris Adato and the CashCo Pawn team.

Contributors; Jamie R & Daisy A.
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