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Second hand doesn’t mean second best

How you can support Reusable Gold Jewelry and be Eco Friendly

A few years ago, I got engaged to my best friend. We were the perfect match for each other because we could agree on just about everything.  When it came time to buy our wedding bands we knew how we wanted to buy them ‘cheap’. We also knew it was important to us that we be as respectful to the environment as possible whenever making any kind of purchases, so what makes buying wedding jewelry any different? With just about a year out of college we knew we had a strict budget that we had to stick to. So with limited funds and knowledge of what to look for in wedding jewelry, we felt sort of stuck.
Driving around one afternoon, we came across a pawnshop that seemed okay to go into, but moments after walking in, we realized this was not the place for us.  It was kind of dirty and unorganized. Leaving disappointed, we decided to go have lunch and talk about possibly postponing our wedding date. While on the way to our food destination we saw a well lit sign that said ‘CashCo Pawn Shop’.  Very intrigued, we decided to stop and check it out despite our recent experience.  To our surprise, it felt like we had walked into a boutique jewelry store.  This place had us little wehrey because the layout was far too nice in comparison to the previous pawnshop we had been into. As soon as we took one step in, a well dressed man introduced himself to us and asked ‘What brings you in today?’.
Needless to say, the rest is history.  We bought both of our wedding rings there that day without any regret.  Knowing that we got exactly what we were looking for at a great price was more than what I could have asked for.
Shopping for the best deal is always good, but shopping for them at your local pawn shops is the best.  Not only do you receive great service from knowledgeable pawn brokers, but you are buying previously owned items that support a very important cause; being environmentally friendly. Every time you buy, sell or trade items at one of your local pawn shops, you are helping the world become a better place by eliminating excess emissions into the environment by not having the need to produce new gold jewelry.
Brand new items come at a much higher cost to your pocket and to the environment than that of a previously owned item. Do you know how many factors are involved in creating new gold jewelry from beginning to end? A LOT! Harmful emissions are depleting the environments resources everyday, and when you can reuse items, you are joining the fight against a toxic society. Just to give you an example, new gold jewelry production can generate 20 tons of waste just for one brand new gold ring. When you purchase ‘new to you’ jewelry at a jewelry pawnshop you are reducing the need for new mining locations.  These mines generate heaps of waste, and leaves long lasting scars on the landscape and communities, which leads us down the path of being an unsustainable culture.
The next time you are looking to purchase a piece of jewelry, think twice and head to your local Cashco pawnshop, where they are San Diego’s #1 Pawnshop and first green pawnshop in America.  Only at Cashco can you have the best experience with the most experienced pawn brokers who can give you several purchasing options like buying, selling and trading choices of eco friendly gold jewelry. Join Cashco and help create a sustainable environment to live in.

Author: Sarah M

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