What are the benefits of buying a secondhand jewel?

Save off the actual market price, without undermining the quality.

For years, precious metals have been the most coveted, jewels being the main attraction for those who want to make a loved one feel special.

Nowadays, buying a fine piece of jewelry involves a major investment, since it´s price and size are said to determine the importance of the occasion. Certainly, thanks to companies like CashCo Pawn, there is no need for an excessive investment in order to obtain the desired gem. On the contrary, you will be saving on the purchase.
Take advantage of the opportunities offered by CashCo to make every occasion a memorable moment. Acquire fine diamonds and a variety of jewelry at great prices without paying a fortune.
But … What are the benefits of buying a secondhand jewel?


The advantage of purchasing jewelry in a pawn shop lies, in part, in that secondhand trade stores offer a chance to save up to 70% off the actual market price, without undermining the quality. If you are planning on buying that special jewel, the perfect gift, visit several stores before and compare prices. You’ll be surprised on how affordable secondhand jewelry is.

Another advantage of buying this kind of jewelry is the investment on a precious metal with secure value. In times of crisis, gold is a cost-effective option that suits every pocket, since it does not require a minimum purchase: you can spend a few hundred dollars, or thousands. If you decide to sell the jewelry in the future, you will gain more profitability by buying a secondhand piece today, than by paying a premium for a new piece made of 14 or 9 carat gold.

You can enjoy these and other advantages when buying jewelry at CashCo, where expert gemologists evaluate and certify the quality of each jewel pawned on any of our branches, and also offer a warranty on every piece of jewelry we sell (repairs, replacements, returns).

Author: Sharon R


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